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Pocket Productions
on the go!
Get your song professionally recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered.

Located near Westchester County NY or Southern Fairfield County CT?
We will travel to you and set up our portable high-q
uality production equipment. 
All we ask is that you provide a small quiet space so we can get the best recording possible!

Package One

6 week project.

One hour session per week.

We do not claim rights or royalties.

Your song is 100% yours!

You already have an original song written or a cover song ready to go.

Lesson Add-ons


We will use our current lesson time slot

to record your song. 

You are already enrolled in private music lessons and would like to supplement lesson time for recording. 

Package Two

6 week project.

One two-hour session per week.

We do not claim rights or royalties. If you plan to release the song on streaming platforms (i.e., Spotify, Apple Music, etc) we only ask to be credited as an additional songwriter. 


We will assist you in writing an original song.

Audition Videos

One 2-hour session.

Record your music audition professionally! We use industry standard equipment for both audio and video. 

You are seeking a professional recording

for an audition

(i.e., College Application)


$649 in total.

One time fee.

*Price includes studio rate ($50/hour), equipment insurance ($50), travel ($10), program licensing ($49), editing process ($200), session photography ($20),

and ownership of mp3 file ($20).

Our students are amazing! Check out this recording.
*Sample of a student's original song written & produced with Kx2 Music's Pocket Productions 
IMG_6664 3.heic
IMG_6689 2.heic

Original Song "Moving Up" 

About The Producers
Kayla's experience in recording studios began when she was only 7 years old!

Kayla began songwriting at age 11, and by 14, her original tunes were being picked up by radio stations. 

Kayla is currently
performing and releasing music under the name
"Bennie Rose". 
Kurt was a sound technician for the Army National Guard for 6 years.

Kurt can be heard on multiple professional recordings playing bass, guitar, AND 
keys. He can add any instruments to your track! 
Post-Production Team
*Once your song is recorded, it's sent to our mixing/mastering team in Los Angeles!
They polish it and add final touches to ensure that you are receiving
the utmost high-quality, professional recording. 
Carl currently resides in LA, but is a graduate from Berklee College of Music. He offers mixing/mastering services in all genres with professional quality and a quick turn-around.

He has worked on projects such as the TV show 'Deadliest Catch' and
Ben Platt's album 'Sing To Me Instead'. 
Lauren is also a current resident of LA and graduate of Berklee College of Music. She has mixed over 500 hours of music for TV, including 'Deadliest Catch', 'Gold Rush',
and National Geographic.

Lauren's domain is orchestration, but she is fluent in all editing forms of
audio and scoring. 

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