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Music Lessons everyone will enjoy!

Why Choose Us? 

We Create Music Together

At Kx2 Music, we teach from our heart & soul. 

We believe that quality lessons stem from collaboration and trust between the student and teacher. Therefore, we offer personalized lessons that are tailored specifically to every student! Our teachers work with their students to identify goals and objectives in order to plan future lessons accordingly. 

Above all, we love getting to know you! 


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Did You Know?

Our lesson packages include 

FREE repertoire, resources, & materials! 

Say bye to boring books and hello to good music

Listen to Our Students

“Kayla is an absolutely amazing voice teacher. She helped me find songs that suit my vocal range and style, and helped build up my confidence hitting higher notes with techniques I now use every time I sing. Not only is she a wonderful teacher, she’s also a lovely person to work with."


"Kurt is an excellent, patient guitar teacher and explains in an easy-to-follow way! He leaves me with a detailed set of notes from our lesson to practice from. You can tell he really loves what he does!"


"My teenage daughter had a chance to work with Kayla for several music events including the middle school musicals, and music performance for school graduation ceremony. Aside from Kayla's obvious music talent, especially in voice and theater, I was most struck by her warm, humble, humorous personality, as well as her devotion to all her students! And she is also a very gifted song writer!"


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