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We want to celebrate with you!

We guarantee a fun, unique, music-filled event!

Please include the child's age, the package you are interested in, and the number of guests attending, as well as any other important information!  

Package One
Ages 3-6
90 mins
Kayla and Kurt will play guitar and sing to get the party started!
We provide shakers, bells, scarves, and bubbles for the kids!
The party also includes activities such as Freeze Dance, Musical Dance Contest, and a Sing-Along. 
The event ends with an Art Project (i.e., 'decorate a music note/instrument').
*All materials included!
A fun time for both kids and adults!
Package Two
Ages 6-9
90 mins
Kayla and Kurt provide all materials! We will get the party started with some Music Games, such as Incredibox or Freeze Dance, and a Songwriting Activity. Then, we will transition into the 2 main activities of your choosing! 

Choose 2 Main Activities:
DJ Karaoke, Film a Music Video, Record a Group Song, Art Project (i.e., 'bedazzle a microphone' or 'build an instrument').

It's bound to be a party you'll never forget! 

Package Three
Ages 9-13
2 hours
Kayla and Kurt will bring along their professional music production equipment to create a Recording Studio.
Each guest will have the opportunity to feel like a pop star! The birthday honoree will choose a song and we will make the magic happen! Guests will be gifted with an mp3 track of the song they recorded. 

While your recording is downloading, we can make a short music video to your song or DJ a karaoke sing-off! 

Let's make your party the place to be! 
We want your party to be special and tailored to you! That's why all of the packages you see here are flexible - we will accommodate to your wishes. For example, if you'd like us to perform live or DJ a set, let us know! It is important to us that your birthday honoree has the best celebration!
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